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Our cosmetologist is a formally educated & a well trained professional who will recommend the most advanced treatments and products to treat your hair and skin related problems.


Krasa offers advanced Trichology programs for various types of hair and conditions for men and women from basic hair care to hair Loss conditions and various options for hair transplants or restoration.

Weight Loss

Krasa offers variety of scientifically devised Weight Loss Programs for men and women to get into shape, and remain fit inside out. The Weight Loss Programs comprise diet plan, lifestyle changes, medicines - depending on profile and condition of the patient.

Krása Clinic at Bandra For Laser Skin & Hair Treatments, Anti-Ageing,Tattoo Removal & More...

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Is Unwanted Hair, Ageing Skin, or Hair Fall giving you sleepless nights?

Your answer lies in Laser Treatments - which will put an end to all your worries.

Whether it is ageing skin, tattoo removal, or getting rid of unwanted hair permanently, all you got to do is pick up the phone and call Krasa’s Help Desk on 022-3088-7658.

They will facilitate an appointment for you with Dr Vishrut, an expert in the field of hair and skin care. He is a qualified Doctor, specializing in Acne Treatment, Skin Rejuvenation, Fillers, and Hair Restoration treatments.

There are no long unending discussions and trial treatments at this clinic. Dr Vishrut is an expert at identifying symptoms and treating the exact problems with combination of treatments. He believes that his real and ultimate job is to help people find their peace back.

He is the man behind Krasa - An advanced Skin and Hair Clinic located in Bandra. It offers a range of customized treatment programs which help people look & feel, better and healthier inside out! Krasa believes that its strength lies in its ability to safely and comprehensively micro analyze patient’s problem, verify, and identify the root cause, and devise an appropriate treatment program. We at Krasa help to correct and control skin and hair related disorders for men and women, seniors and teens.

Customized solution packages offered here are highly potential compared to other therapies. The maintenance applications are easy, convenient, can be used without taking help of others. Our customized herbal treatment programs are based on details provided by the patient.

More About What We Offer At Krása:

Krasa Skin & Hair Clinic offers a range of treatment for skin and hair including non invasive Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment, to Laser Hair Removal Treatment for legs, armpits, upper lip, chin, and bikini line etc.

Laser hair removal treatment at Krasa is safe FDA-approved method of permanently reducing hair growth for men and women of all ages. Though patients notice the difference almost immediately after a session or two, we tell them to undergo multiple sessions to achieve the results of minimal hair growth. We offer customized laser hair removal sessions based on the color of the patient’s skin and hair, as well as individual skin sensitivity. Likewise for other problem areas like skin, we do an individual assessment and analyses of condition. Based on that, we customize treatment and take clients into the program.

Besides performing the procedures, we also advice patients about the best way to prepare for laser hair removal and help skin heal effectively after the procedure.

Important - For people who want to try home laser hair removal tools because it seems less expensive, we would like to inform that it simply cannot replace a professional laser hair removal treatment in terms of safety and results.

So why wait? Get rid of unwanted hair and dead skin cells safely and effectively! Call Krasa