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This uniqueness, however, makes identifying the skincare needs challenging and finding the right treatment for it even more challenging. The problem itself is so unique, that it inspired us to create a whole new approach to look at and treat every dermatological and aesthetic concern in a manner no less unique.

We are Krasa, an advanced skincare clinic creating a one-of-a-kind experience for our clients with the most current, comprehensive, and personalized skincare treatments since 2011. We believe anyone can have healthy, beautiful, and flawless skin. It’s just a matter of the right solutions and treatment articulated especially for you. Our treatments, at the core, are about enhancing natural features, restoring skin’s natural health, and maintaining its organic grace. More than beautification of the skin, these tailor-made treatments aim at its restoration, nutrition, and purification.



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Dermatologist In Mumbai

Dermatology is a medical specialty that deals exclusively with skin. As you all know, We live in a country with high temperatures. In addition, there are seasonal changes along with humid conditions in the coastal areas. All these climatic factors have a key effect on your facial and body skin. What you need is the guidance of a top dermatologist in Mumbai.

The doctor focuses mainly on skin-related ailments, disorders, and defects. Whether you have teenage acne or psoriasis, consult a specialist soon. The human skin is very thick as it has to protect internal organs. But it is also the place for body and facial hair follicles to grow. As a result, You have to take adequate cosmetic care and avoid diseases.

Skin diseases are of many types and they can cause undue worries. Some valid causes are poor hygiene, genetics, and bacterial infections. Facial acne, rashes, and dry skin can also lead to mental agony. Superficial cosmetic treatments are helpful, but not a complete cure. To overcome all such minor and major skin problems, you need a good dermatologist.

Looking For Dermatologist In Bandra?Consult Specialists at Krasa

Bandra being a trendy, coastal place has many benefits. You can enjoy the sea breeze and lead a cosmopolitan lifestyle. An occasional late night or a cultural outing is also a relaxing experience. But hectic work or personal life can take a toll on the body, face, and skin. With a professional skin specialist’s help, you can also aspire for a healthy, glamorous look.

If you have sensitive skin, then eczema and dermatitis are not far away. Even a minor itch can dampen the mood and destroy your sleep. Do not let such skin diseases affect your physical appearance. Consult a specialist to receive the best possible treatment.

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From Our Clients

“She is very warm and gives off soothing and good vibes, she made me feel comfortable for every session I took. She makes sure you’re feeling good even during the treatment. She’s amazing at what she does. I’m glad I found her!”
Suman Simons

“Visited For Acne/ Pimple Scars Treatment, Happy with Doctor friendliness, Treatment satisfaction
I had consulted 2 doctors previously but weren’t satisfied with the results. After coming to Krasa clinic with just 2 sessions I observed drastic improvement. Plus the glow on skin was remarkable.”
Juzar Hussain

“Happy with: Doctor friendliness, Treatment satisfaction, Wait time
Both the doctors (Vishrut and Vaidehi) are kind, good at what they do. The bottom line is I am gradually getting the results I seek. I recommend this clinic.”
Verified Patient