Acne Treatment In Mumbai
Troublesome Lesions

Words like acne, red spots, and pimples describe skin inflammation. These are basically superficial infections or lesions. They are also known as comedones, papules and pustules. Larger swellings are described as nodules and they leave dark, visible scars on the face.

Acne is very common in teenagers and pubescent youth of both sexes. This is the period where they undergo hormonal changes. However, Acne is not just restricted to any one age group only. Even adults can suffer from painful or painless lesions well into their middle age.

In cosmopolitan cities, Hectic lifestyle patterns are clearly noticeable. As a result, Lack of nutrition, sleep, and relaxation are common. And then there are environmental factors like heat, dust, pollution, and ultra violet ray exposure.

Lesions can also be traced to genetic factors and lack of hygiene. Whatever the causes, Red spots and pimples are not easy to handle. Consult a professional dermatologist and receive the best acne treatment in Mumbai. You will be assured of the most effective skin care.

Things To Understand Before Starting Any Acne Treatment!
Acne is a skin disease and its severity and spread is inconsistent. Some patients have it all over the cheeks and even forehead. Know these important facts before starting treatment –

It is characterised by the dermatologist as a skin disorder. Acne can begin as a tiny, little pimple due to various reasons.
The main causes in men is changes in hormones during puberty. In women, Menstrual cycles can lead to a break out of red spots.
The lesions develop over a period of time with diverse symptoms. Some grow into comedones, while others get inflamed and red.
The lesions which do not swell are called blackheads or whiteheads. Those that swell are called as pustules and papules.
Babies in the age group of 3 to 12 months can get acne. However, It is more normally seen in boys and girls between 13 to 16 yrs.
The lesions are not just restricted to cheeks and forehead. They can also appear on the neck, shoulders, chest, and back.
Acne can last for a long period of time up to 12 years. Individual pimples go away in a couple of weeks, but deeper problems persist.
Scarring is one of the major causes of concern in acne patients. Some end up with superficial scars, while other have deeper, grosser damage.
Treatment modality depends on the severity and spread of acne. Creams and antibiotics are usually prescribed.
For acne treatment in Bandra, Dr Vaidehi Newaskar has a systematic approach. She advises the patients against squeezing, and analyses the psychological effects.

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