Dr. Vishrut Newaskar, Ayurveda Consultant B.A.M.S

Ayurveda is an ancient field of medicine that dates back at least 5000 BC and it is still in practice throughout India and the world. If you have experienced a relaxing massage at a spa, closed your eyes to learn about your breathing or just sat down peacefully in nature to introspect and enjoy, you’d definitely have tasted the fruits of this master science of life. From the tiniest bit of your cell to the largest organ of your body- skin, Ayurveda tells you how to protect, nourish and transform every bit of your being without any life threating side effects. Unlike any other medical field, Ayurveda not only treats your diseases but it also treats the core of your sufferings to make sure you transform your life for good. Today, Ayurveda has become an easy solution for many because of its rich history and a beneficial present and a bright future to lead a healthy life.

To allow Ayurveda to work best, you would need to follow a certain lifestyle. There are many aspects of our daily routine that do not let our most productive energies work for us. Instead, it works against us. We tend to fall prey not because of our ignorance and unwillingness but it happens because we do not realize the significance of the results.

About Krasa Ayurveda !
Krasa Ayurveda is an Ayurveda clinic in Mumbai founded and operated by Dr. Vishrut Newaskar, for your health and lifestyle complaints. Our only aim is to make sure that each and every individual receives needful, helpful and necessary feedback based on carefully curated personal point of actions. Be it traditional methods such as Panchakarma or use of classical ayurvedic medicines as per ancient texts, Krasa Ayurveda will imprudently make Ayurveda work best for you.

Krasa Ayurveda strives for both comfort and satisfaction from its treatments.

Let us help you with Ayurveda to overcome even the slightest hiccups of life!!

What to expect in the Ayurveda consultation?

At Krasa Ayurveda We have developed a special programme which will take you through a life-changing journey with the help of this ancient science combining with the needs of the modern way of living.

Signs and symptoms are the bodies way to tell you that something is wrong. The first consultation will be in-detail understanding of the things which are bothering you and what you want to achieve.

Ayurveda tells us our universes (we are part of it) is nothing but permutations and combinations of five elements. The imbalance( disorder) of these elements cause us dis-ease. While Chemical based medicine is all about suppressing the symptoms and putting the patient at ease immediately (with some/lots of side effects ), Ayurveda (Science of Life) targets the root cause with the help of Herbo-Mineral based medicine.

How do we do it?
Four Step programme :


A simple short duration diet and medicine course which will clean your body inside out.
Weight management

Maintain Ideal weight
Stress management

Peaceful is successful

Age Gracefully.
After the first detail consultation, you will receive

A personalised Diet and lifestyle guide which you can easily follow. (that’s how it all starts )

Highest Quality Ayurvedic Classical medicine as per ancient text and standards ( that’s how you don’t get unwanted side effects ).

Regular followup and progress check personally intervened by our team. (That’s how we achieve our health goals ).

We also provide highly effective ayurvedic treatments for:
Digestive Health Condition

Diseases of Mind & Brain

Skin Diseases

Women Health

Men Health

Diseases related to Heart & Blood

Lungs & Airways Disorders

Muscle, Bones & Joints Disorders

Kidney, Urinary Bladder

Spinal Disorders