Laser Hair Removal In Mumbai
Hair Raising Tales

The human skin and scalp are very conducive for hair growth. Lustrous, flowing tresses and dark locks look good on the head. But when hairs sprout all over the body, then it is a problem. Not everyone likes to become a spectacle due to excessive hairs on face and body.

Women in particular desire smooth and shiny skin on the face. They also dislike unwanted hair growth on arms and legs. Men too prefer a clean, shaven look with a smiling look. Even those who keep a beard prefer not to have chest hairs.

Unfortunately, Hairs do not discriminate and grow all over the body. Women with facial hairs do not present a pretty picture. And excess hairs also mean more sweat, discomfort, and itching. Moreover, Skin care and maintenance regimen also becomes very demanding.

As per beauty experts, Even well known celebrities struggle with unwanted hairs. It is not just about body hairs that are visible to one and all. Hairs in the armpits and groin also lead to a lot of distress…and they keep growing back!

Thankfully, There are many techniques for getting rid of these hairs. In addition to laser hair removal in Bandra, you get other treatments too. They include cosmetic bleaches, creams, and highly effective waxing services.

What Is Laser Hair Removal?
Traditional methods like cutting, shaving, and cream applications can be slow. Moreover, They are tedious, painful, and impractical in the long run. But laser hair removal in Mumbai is not comparable with these inefficient techniques.

Laser hair removal is a sophisticated and cosmetic procedure. It is performed under the expert supervision of a skilled dermatologist. The skin specialist uses this light based technology in a calibrated manner.

A handheld device releases laser energy to destroy the hair follicles. Skilful application prevents any damage to the skin or adjacent structures. The targeted hairs are removed from their very root for effective outcomes.

Those who undergo the treatment have to follow a few guidelines. They should not pluck, shave, wax, or electrolyse the hairs. The roots have to be intact so that the laser energy can remove with greater efficiency.

How does it work?
Technically, laser hair removal is known as photoepilation. It is a light based technique that relies on scientific, systematic application. Of course, The hair and skin biology are also very crucial in this procedure.

Hence, A specialist like dermatologist gets involved in the treatment. The expert understands the physical as well as biomechanical properties. In addition, The laser light is applied precisely with a great degree of skill and patience.

Simply put, The light and heat energy from the device burns the hairs. It destroys the follicles from the root and hinders future growth. The affordable laser hair removal is basically a cosmetic, risk-free procedure.

Why Krasa Clinic For Laser Hair Removal?
Krasa Clinic is sophisticated facility with expert professionals and staff. All the safety guidelines are followed to deliver reassuring patient service.
There is a misconception that modern treatments are costly. Actually, There is 20% off on laser hair removal cost in Mumbai.
Although hairs are removed, the skin is an important component. The clinic follows internationally approved standards for all skin types.
Although there is mild heat sensation, no pain is felt. It is a fast, precise, and riskless procedure for hair removal.
A state of art diode laser device is used by the expert hands. Heat is selectively applied to protect the surrounding tissue.
Men and women of all age groups are eligible for this therapy. There are no restrictions and the benefits speak for themselves.
It is a long term hair removal technique with high success rate. The doctor may prescribe multiple sessions to achieve long term benefits.

Tips For Patients
Here are a few important guidelines for those who are visiting a clinic for the first time –

Consult the best skin specialist with certified dermatology credentials.
Additional skills in cosmetology and beauty care is a welcome addition.
Do not wear tight dresses or clothing, and let the skin breathe easily.
Women should not put on makeup when they are visiting a dermatologist.
Be prepared to discuss your personal and family medical history.
Describe the symptoms like itching, sensations, and feelings in clear terms.
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