What is Lichen Planus?
Lichen Planus is a skin issue whose occurrence and sometimes complex nature has bewildered the patients as well as the professionals similarly. The instances of Lichen Planus have been watched everywhere throughout the world, regardless of the race, skin shading and culture. It can influence skin, oral mucosa, tongue, scalp, private parts, and nails. Lichen planus treatment can be tricky and would be extremely harmful if not done without expert’s help.

It tends to backslide after a few months or years. Females are all the more every now and again influenced when contrasted with the male partner; be that as it may, it may be rare to find cases of lichen planus in kids. More than 1.9% of the aggregate populace is influenced by Lichen Planus.

Lichen Planus is a skin sickness but its adverse effects can affect adversely other parts of the body. Lichen planus shows up on skin, mouth, privates, nails or scalp, its foundations are found in the immune system which is governed by the genetics of a person. Lichen planus is an autoimmune infection, which shows itself on the skin so it needs interior drug instead of any topical treatment.
Symptoms of Lichen Planus
The side effects of lichen planus change which is contingent upon which zone of the body is influenced. Influenced zones can incorporate the skin, mouth, penis, and vulva. The side effects of lichen planus shift, contingent upon which territory of the body is influenced.

Lichen planus of the skin
The side effects of lichen planus of the skin are:

Purple-red shaded knocks (papules) that are marginally raised, glossy and have a level best. The papules more often than not gauge 3-5mm in distance across and may likewise have unpredictable white streaks (Wickham’s striae).
Thicker flaky patches can show up, typically around the lower legs – this is known as hypertrophic lichen planus.
Irritated skin.
Lichen planus of the mouth (oral lichen planus)
The side effects of oral lichen planus are:

a white example on the tongue and internal cheeks
red and white fixes in the mouth
copying and uneasiness in the mouth while eating or drinking
agonizing red gums
Lichen planus of the penis
The indications of lichen planus of the penis are:

purple or white ring-formed fixes on the tip of the penis (glans)
knocks (papules) that are level topped and sparkly
a non-irritated rash
Lichen planus of the vulva and vagina
The indications of lichen planus of the vulva and vagina include:

soreness, consuming and crudeness around the vulva
the vulva might be shrouded in white streaks and be a red, pink or pale white shading
on the off chance that the vagina is influenced, sex can be difficult
on the off chance that the external layers of skin separate, soggy, red patches can shape

Causes of Lichen Planus
The reason for lichen planus isn’t known. A kind of aggravation creates in the skin, which causes the rash. In any case, the reason for the irritation isn’t known. One hypothesis is that the invulnerable framework might be activated by an infection or another factor in the earth to assault cells in the skin, which prompts the irritation.

A rash fundamentally the same as lichen planus once in a while creates from a known reason, however, this is uncommon. A rash like a lichen planus happens as an uncommon symptom to a few meds. This is known as a lichenoid medicate ejection. For instance: antimalarial, beta-blockers, mitigating pharmaceuticals, thiazide

For instance: antimalarial, beta-blockers, mitigating pharmaceuticals, thiazide diuretics, and gold infusions. The rash clears inside half a month subsequent to ceasing a pharmaceutical that caused it. Lichen planus in the mouth is now and again because of a hypersensitivity to mercury fillings in teeth.

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Top Lichen Planus Treatment
Treatment alternative for this skin issue essentially relies upon the seriousness of the condition, and relying upon the degree and nature of lichen designs distressing the patient, the dermatologist or the specialist or the skin specialist recommends the solution and further plans and the layouts the favored treatment get ready for the patient for his or hers lichen planus treatment.

Best treatment relies upon the reaction of the patient. A few people may not react well to a similar treatment that functions admirably with another individual with the same disease. Generally, Steroid creams (alone or with a mix of salicylic corrosive) are exhorted. In a few patients, Steroids must be recommended orally.

Yet, this isn’t suggested in diabetics as steroids raise the glucose levels. Laser treatment is also a form of effective lichen planus treatment.

There are numerous treatments accessible for lichen planus, homeopathy being one of them. Homeopathy has demonstrated and logically reported outcomes if there should be an occurrence of lichen planus, with stunning outcomes acquired on the long-haul basis.

Homeopathic medicines don’t make dependability and are totally sheltered to utilize even when taken for a more drawn out time of time. When treated with homeopathy the odds of finish recuperation are exceptionally good. The conventional solution gives just brief results. Chances of relapse with the homeopathic medication decrease radically.

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