What are Moles?
Small patches of brown or black coulour are formed on the skin due to clusters of skin cells called ‘melanocytes’; cells resposiblen production of pigment. Moles are generally oval in shape and can also have hair grown through them.

Moles are generally considered harmless but in rare condition it can lead to malign growth of cells resulting into skin cancer know as ‘malignant melanoma’. It is advised to get a checkup done with your doctor to asses any threat. In case the moles on your body deform, become raised in height or change shape drastically, it is advised to consult a doctor immediately.

Treatment for removing Moles.
If you’ve got a mole that you’re worried about, want an annual mole check-up or even want a mole removed for cosmetic reasons then you can book in to see one of our highly qualified and experienced dermatologists.

In this process thermal energy is used to break down the mole with minimum to no bleeding.
During this process the mole is cut down under the influence of local anaesthetic.