What are skin tags?
skintagsSkin tags are small brown or flesh-coloured growths that hang from the surface of the skin. They are collecetion of fibres, ducts and nerve cells covered by a layer of epidermis. These are generally only a few millimeters in size and completely harmless. They do not cause any discomfort including redness or agitation. They might get sperated from te body due to rubbing of it on a rough surface causing miniscule bleeding.

People with diabeties and obesity as pregnent women are more prown to skin tags. In certain cases it has been believed to be heridetry as well.

Skin tags can be permanenetly removed but cannot be stopped from growing. It is advised to keep due diligance and have session as and when required.

Every patient is unique and hence it is highly recommended for you to visit our clinic for a consultation with expert. We practice latest of methods to treat brighten the dull skin. These include:

Excision removal – The skin tag is carefully cut off from the skin using a scalpel under the influence of local anaesthisia. It may leave a light scar.

Cryotherapy – Cryotherapy is the process of freezing the desired area of skin with help of nitrogen. The cold temperature kills the cells within the skin tag, blocking the blood supply to the area, causing it to naturally fall off.

Hyfrecation – An electrical pulse is passed through the skin tag to damage the cells, causing the skin tag to fall off.

These treatments do not take much time and are done under the influence of an anaesthetic hence making the process relatively painless.