Types of spots
Acne spots
skinspotsSpots related to acne occur mostly people aged between 11 to 30. Their are various reasons for acne and you can read more about them over here. Acne spots can differ dramatically and are classified as mild, moderate or severe. Generally mild acne consist of black head and whiteheads where as more sever acne may cause higly inflammabel and painful spots.

Milia/white spots
Milia are small white and yellowish raised bumps or spots that generally occur in clusters near the area of eyes or on the cheeks. Milia are generally hard and whitish and do not have much sensation when touched, they do not cause any inflamation or redness.

Age Spots
Age spots are flat, oval patches of pigmented skin that are brown, red or almost black in appearance. When our skin is overly exposed to the sun, it can become damaged. In an effort to protect itself from such damage, the body produces an abnormal amount of melanin (the substance that gives your skin its colour), causing a change to the colour of your skin. Age spots are usually harmless, however they can be irritating and affect your self-confidence, especially if they are on the face, hands or neck.

At krasa we offer tailored treatment and product plans to help you with your condition. Upon your consultation your expert practitioner will advise you of the best option for your individual case.

Acne spot treatments
At krasa, we are able to combine the best acne treatments, products and prescription drugs to help you achieve clearer skin. Treatments may include a chemical peel to clear congestion and reveal fresher skin.

Milia/white spot treatments
There are several options used to clear milia depending on the type, location and number of milia that need removing. Most commonly, the procedure involves miniscule incisions being made so that they can be removed. This condition can also be treated using a hyfrecator, an electrical device that sends tiny pulses over the skin, allowing the contents of the spots to be extracted.

Age spot treatments
Sunspots / Brown Spots / Liver Spots / Lentigos
These are flat, oval patches of pigmented skin. These are generally result of sun damage, hormones or genetics. The UVA sunlight stimulates your pigment cells that in turn produce, ‘melanin’; pigment responsible for tan and also the dark spots.Though the most common color of this patch is brown, it can also be red or dark brown/black. As lot other skin related issues, these are also not harmful but patients choose to get these patches treated for aesthetic purposes. Specially when these occurs on face.