What are warts?
wartsWarts is a small, hard, benign growth on the skin, caused by a virus called the human papillomavirus (HPV). Your body produces excess keratin, resulting in a rough textured bump. They are commonly found on the hands and feet, but can appear anywhere.Warts are highly contagious and can be easily spread through contact of infected skin to non-infected skin. HPV can stay dormant for weeks and it may take weeks or months for a verruca to appear on your skin.
Warts are easily contracted through direct contact from a wart to healthy skin, whether that be to another person or another area of your face or body. It is also possible to develop a wart through indirect contact of objects that have been in contact with a wart, for example towels or swimming pool floors.

Patients with warts are advised to get the condition treated as soon as possible so as to as contain the virus from spreading.

Every patient is unique and hence it is highly recommended for you to come to our clinic for a consultation. We practice latest of methods to treat Warts. These include.
Cauterisation Removal

Excision removal
The wart is carefully cut off from the skin using a scalpel under the influence of local anaesthesia.